Boob Cruise '94

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Boob Cruise '94

Lisa Lipps and Tawny get wet and sexy on the deck of the Yankee Clipper, the Windjammer that SCORE hired for Boob Cruise '94. This was Tawny, and Lisa's, first and only Boob Cruise. They were incredibly busy exotic dancers, always traveling throughout North America. The DVD "Best of the Boob Cruise," available at contains scenes from this pairing in the video Boob Cruise '94. The pictorial was published in the first Boob Cruise issue, March '95 SCORE. "It was amazing how much camaraderie there was on the ship," Tawny remembered. "The guys spoiled us girls rotten. Everybody, the guys and the girls, really got into it. It was a real fantasy vacation. I'm not surprised it became so big." Read More »
Featuring: Tawny Peaks
Date: August 11th, 2011
Duration: 03:41

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8 years ago 
Tits Queens of the highest order

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